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Orthopedic Implants

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Orthopedic Equipments

Orthopedic Equipments are used in Orthopedic Surgery which basically deals with musculoskeletal system treatment. They are used to treat bone damage problem caused by a number of reasons like either some disease or for that matter an accident or crack created by an injury. Orthopedic instruments are medical equipments that are surgically fitted into the affected bone area or used in the operation or surgery thus.

There is a big list of these orthopedic equipments or orthopedic instruments for surgical procedure of a number of different bone parts of the body. Pulse Lavage, Electronic Tourniquet, Shaver System, Cold Light, Fountain Halogen, Hand Instruments, ACL-PCL Fixation System, Connectors and Tubing Systems, etc are the various orthopedic instruments or medical equipments used to perform a surgery as surgery tools, or to be fitted into a bone of the body as a support and strengthening or replacement device, or for that matter to simply monitor the smooth going of surgical process.

These orthopedic equipments today are very technologically advanced and assure a very high percentage of success and almost no health hazards. They are designed according to the needs of doctors and the patient while surgery is being performed.

Pulse lavage can be used to electronically control pressure, maintain OT system, a complete water resistance display, digital pulse rate among other things. Electronic Tourniquets look at pressure regulation, stabilizer, power, maintaining set pressure under leak situation etc. The shaver system is for power control and also keeping the blade speed in check among other things.

The hand instruments are direct orthopedic equipments used in surgery comprising of scissors, punch, grasper, tendon striper, graft board, spike washer etc. These instruments are actually used to perform an operation; hence they ought to be of the finest quality and work easy and slick. While just like the hand instruments, fixation system devices are also an integral part of surgery for they are literally get fixed into the body while the surgical procedure. These orthopedic instruments are certified and thoroughly checked and branded. They may be ready for use after the checking that they undergo to set their standards. Thus a manufacturer or exporter of these equipments has to manufacture the best of products, which is again life saving.

Orthopedic equipments today are produced and distributed by Orthopedic-Implants.Net a reputed manufacturer and supplier across the country. The standard quality of orthopedic equipments has also seen Orthopedic-Implants.Net become an exporter, sending supplies to foreign countries.

Pulse Lavage
Pulse Lavage
Electronic Tourniquet
Electronic Tourniquet

Shaver System

Cold Light Fountain Halogen
Hand Instrumrnts
Hand Instruments
ACL-PCL Fixation System
ACL-PCL Fixation System
Connectors & Tubing Systems

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