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Orthopedic Implants

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Pulse Lavage

Key advantages include:

Orthopedic Pulse Lavage
Irrigation pressure can be electronically controlled.
Autoclavable and reusable tubes of medical grade silicon.
ctomplete sterility ot system is maintained.
Easy loading of tubes in the machine
Efficient perlstaltic pump
Front panel digital display
Pulse rate digital.
Water resistance display.
Simple on/off switch.
Foot control operated machine.
Pre-set features.

Four types of irrigation possible:

shower spray for cancellous bone preparation, trauma, soft tissues debridement & general irrigation.
Femoral tip For aggressive femoral debridement.
single stream tip for wider stream & general irrigation
Shower for dual purpose irrigaton & suction along with special cup type anti-splash shield.
inbuilt safety fuse
- Monitor (1/16 hd less)
Multiple, bottles with constant force
In build voltage control rectifier

Power supply 230V (AC) / 50hz 10%.

dimensions 171.45mm (1) 292..10mm(W) 152.4mm (h)
weigh : 7. 3 kgs.
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