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Orthopedic Implants

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Customized Implants, Devices and Instruments Set
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Connectors & Tubing Systems

Arthoscopy Tube Connectors

Tube to tube connector with tap
bayonet connector with tap
Leur lock connector with tap
bayonet connector
Leur lock connector
Small bore to big bore tube connector
Big bore to big bore tube connector
Y type tube connector
Puncture tube with connector
Arthoscopy Tube Connectors
Universal Arthroscopy Tube System  
Silicon tube Autoclavable
(For Suction , irrigation & drainage)
Cleaning Accessories  
Special medical gradable lubricant for stopcocks and hand instruments
Cleaning brushes of varying length and diameter.
Cleaning pistolfor fast and easy rinsing or drying of instruments attaches to standard plumbing for either water or compressed air
Maintains uniform joint distention and clear visualization during arthro5copy surgery by balancing high outflow demand of powered Instrumentation with accurately controlled inflow delivery making it an deal option to be used in Arthroscopy Fluid Management.
Irrigation pressure and flow rate electronically controlled. Facing displays of operating Parameter set points and actual performance data allow ready operator monitoring of unit operational status.
Digital display of flow and pressure ratings.
Pre selectable values for irrigation pressure are retained in memory while the unit is switched off.
State-of-the art technology for easy operation and high patient safety.
Autoclavable tube set
Auto cut off, of the pump when set pressure equals actual pressure.
Easy loading of tube
Filter prevents liquid media to come in contact with sensor
Touch panel system.
Machine can be also optionally controlled by a foot switch
Irrigation pressure 0-200mm Hg
Liquid flow: 0-900 ml/n
Powersupply 230V(AC) / 50Hz + 10%
Dimensions 304.8mm (I) 215.9mm (w) 114.3mm (h)
Weight 7Kgs
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We offer orthopedic connecting and tubing systems like arthroscopy tube connectors, universal arthroscopy tube system, cleaning accessories and arthromat. We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of orthopedic connectors and tubing system from India to worldwide.