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Orthopedic Implants

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Saw Blades

Orthopedic saw blades are used in orthopedic implants surgery and act as a cutting instrument. Today with the advent of modern technology these medical saw blades are of the finest make and thoroughly tested for their efficiency. Surgical saw blades are very delicate devices and should be operated by only very able hands as in experienced and sure surgeons.

These orthopedic saw blades are disposable in nature and not made for lasting purpose as they are not a fixation device to be fitted into the bones for long periods. In order to have better surgical control, these blades should provide with a stabilizing motion that doesn’t waver much. The heat produced while bone resection or cutting, damaging of tissues should also be minimal giving more efficient control and precision to surgeons.

Thus, orthopedic saw blades ensure super efficiency today and comfort to both surgeons as well as the patient upon whom surgery is being performed. In fact surgeons today feel far lesser hand fatigue while using these orthopedic saw blades which are super slick and smooth working for they ensure all the above mentioned features. Lesser friction and heat while cutting, more stability, sharpness means more control, this in turn sees the orthopedic saw blades simply quicken surgery procedure. Better concentration and confidence on the surgeon’s part is also seen while operating with surgical saw blades. The medical saw blades are disposable in nature and made preferably of stainless steel.

The manufacturers have to get them certified from all leading national standard certifications as a number of suppliers and exporters are also distributing and exporting it abroad. What with an ever increase in demand of these orthopedic saw blades. Orthopedic-Implants.Net, thus is that one name in producing these surgical and orthopedic equipments and leading exporter as well, apart from a manufacturer.
Saw Blades (Disposable)
  • Raw material used for saw blades is SS420

  • Hardness of Blade is 48 - 49RC

  • Staggered teeth for fine cutting.

We offer Innovative Cost Efficient, High Quality Orthopaedic Saw Blades with different size.
Saw Blades
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We provide quality orthopedic saw blades of different sizes at affordable cost. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of orthopedic implants and surgical devices like disposable saw blades from Mumbai, India.