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Orthopedic Implants

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Customized Implants, Devices and Instruments Set
Download Orthopedic Implants Devices and Instruments Sets Catalogue

Hand Instruments


D4Surgicals punches are designed with broad range of type and configuration allowing easy access to specific areas during surgery each punch is constructed to provide strength, durability and sharpness. Different shapes can be selected as per the specific requirements

Straight basket punch / Hook punch
Curved left side punch
Curved right side punch
Up-biter punch

Straight scissor / Hook scissor
Left side scissor
Right side scissor

A broad selection of specific tipped configuration grasping forceps allow easy access to all areas of the surgery for variety of approaches. Unique sliding lock mechanism holds the tissue firmly without tearing or slipping even the tightest of areas

Loose body forceps / Graspinq Forceps
Meniscus grasper
Biopsy Forceps
Tendon Striper

Open & dose
Sharp edge
Used for semitendinosus gracills graft harvesting
Size. 5mm (dia ) x 12" (I).
Tendon Striper
Sizing Tubes

Accurate graft sizing tubes
Size: 6,7,8,9, 10, 11, 12mm
Bone Tunnel Plugs & Non Cannulated & Cannulated

Made of polyacetal
Fits (7-8mm, 9-10mm, 10-llm'n, 11-12mm,
13-14mm) tunnels.
Suture Retriever

Used for passing or retrieving sutures through instrumentation with cannulations of 1.5mm or longer.
Used in conjunction with isometric positioning, isotac drivers, buttons and passing pins.
ACL Button

Endoscopic femoral soft tissue fixation device
Titanium button to be used for single incision
Eliminates graft laceration
Ideal for bi-socket technique.
Titanium metal
Size4mmx 12mm
ACL Button
Suture Washers

Titanium metal
Used for fixating grafts with sutures.
Spike Washer

The spike washer is an implant specifically designed to secure soft tissue tendons to cortical bone its primary function is for securinq doubled loop graft onto the tiblal cortex.
Titanium metal.
Graft Board

Ideal board for graft preparation
It has the facility for of cutting strip the graft to the desired length.
Tensioning post is ideal for pre-tensioning grafts when using the ACL button.
Fully autoclavabie
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