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Orthopedic Implants

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Customized Implants, Devices and Instruments Set
Download Orthopedic Implants Devices and Instruments Sets Catalogue

Dynamic Axial Fixator

Dynamic Axial Fixator
Dynamic Axial Fixator Small
Dynamic Axial Fixator Medium
Dynamic Axial Fixator Big

Dafix External Fixator
Commpression and Lengthning System

Orthofix Type External Fixator
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Limb Reconstruction System
Rail Small 240mm
Rail Med 300mm
Rail Big 400mm
End Clamp
Central Clamp
Swivel Clamp
Ball & Socket Joint Clamp
T ' Ball & Socket Joint Clamp
Central Distance unit 40mm
Central Distance unit 80mm
Central Distance unit 100mm
Taper Half Pin 4.5, 5.5, 6.0mm

Rail Fixator

T Type Fixator

Radius and Distal Radius System
Radius Distractor
Distal Radius Distractor

Distal Radius Distractor
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Our fixation instruments products includes dynamic axial fixator, compression and lengthening system, limb reconstruction system, radius and distal radius system, etc. We are orthopedic fixation manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India.